Applying for Professional Membership is very easy, simply complete the online Professional Membership Application form.

Application Process

Complete and submit the Online Professional Membership Application

or download the Professional Membership Application form

We need information about your current and previous roles, management experience and relevant qualifications, so simply follow the instructions on the form.

Once we have received your completed application, the grading committee will award you one of three nationally recognised Professional Member grades.

You will receive a welcome email within two weeks advising you of your Member grade and including your Membership invoice.

On payment you will have full access to the Institute’s benefits and services and will be invited to a New Professional Member Welcome Evening to receive your Certificate of Membership.

Grading Criteria

There are three categories of Professional Membership of the Institute that reflect your management experience, qualifications and career achievements. These are:

  • Member (AIMM)
  • Associate Fellow (AFAIM)
  • Fellow (FAIM)

For further information on each grading please see Grading Criteria

If you feel you may be eligible for Associate Fellow, or Fellow Member grade, please provide as much information as possible. You can include a resume or other relevant material to support your application.

Professional Members are encouraged to apply for advancement in their Membership grade as their management and leadership experience and their career develops.

Professional Membership Subscription Fees

 Membership Grade Subscription Fee Regional /
International Fee
Full Time 
Student Fee
Member  $299 $224  $75
Associate Fellow  $330 $248 $85
Fellow $399 $299 $100
Retired $150 $150 N / A
Application Fee  $99 $99 Waived

  • Prices include GST
  • Membership is invoiced annually on the anniversary date of admission
  • Subscriptions are fully tax deductible in most cases.