In addition to our Seminars and Events AIM WA offers a range of formal and informal learning activities to help you maintain and develop your management and leadership capacity.

For Professional Members (AIMM, AFAIM, FAIM), these learning activities are complimentary or are available at a reduced Professional Member rate. See individual event details for fees.

AIM WA Member Mentor Program

Mentoring is an effective method of transferring knowledge and experience in the areas of management and leadership and can contribute significantly to personal and career development. AIM WA offers a complimentary Mentoring Program for Professional Members, giving Mentees the opportunity to build their skills and work towards future goals with the support of a Mentor.

Members who are interested in volunteering their support as Mentors are welcome to join our growing number of Alumni of Mentors through this program. * First preference is given to Mentees who have held AIMM, AFAIM or FAIM status for a minimum of 1 year.

AIM WA Open Programs

The Institute’s open program suite offers a significant number of management and computing programs and qualifications which attract over 20,000 participants each year. These programs provide an excellent learning experience, are a great way to increase your knowledge and skills and help build your business networks by sharing experiences with others from different organisations and sectors.

Our Professional Members receive up to 20% discount on any of our Open Programs.


AIM+UWA Business School Executive Education Open Programs

Executives and senior managers from all industries can develop their management and leadership capability and build their networks through AIM WA’s Senior Executive Development Programs. The Institute’s Professional Members receive up to 20% discount on many of the programs in the Executive Development Portfolio. Learn new skills, challenge your thinking and interact with other corporate and community leaders.

Visit AIM WA+UWA Business School Executive Education