Steps for an evidence based RPL assessment

  1. Decide whether your competence matches the requirements - we can help confirm that this is the right pathway for you
  2. Complete BOTH the Qualification Application Form and RPL/CT Application Form located on the relevant Qualification or Skill Set page under Related Information
  3. Following the receipt of your application form, AIM WA will provide you with a RPL Kit to guide you as you collect evidence of your current skills and experience
  4. You collect evidence, making it clear how each piece relates specifically to the competency standards for which you are seeking RPL and submit your portfolio to AIM WA Assessment Services
  5. The assessor conducts the assessment of all the evidence, and notifies you if there are any further pieces of evidence that are required
  6. The assessor finalises their assessment decision
  7. When the evidence meets the Unit of Competency requirements, AIM WA will issue the appropriate Statement of Attainment or Qualification
  8. The length of time for this process will depend almost entirely on how much evidence you have and the time taken to collect all of the relevant evidence
  9. Credit Transfer: If the skills and knowledge are gained through accredited training, a process of Credit Transfer (CT) will be applied. You will need to supply a certified copy of your Statement of Attainment before any relevant competencies are recognised. An administrative fee of $250 applies for Credit Transfer of any number of units.
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