Developing and Implementing Your Work Health and Safety Management System

This course will guide you through the internationally recognised structure of a Work Health and Safety Management System, and importantly what you need to do to meet legislative requirements.


5 Days




With an increasing emphasis on a safety management system as a component of an organisation's response to legislation, Organisation Officers and Safety Managers must ensure their approach to work health and safety is risk-based, customised to their organisation, and its implementation is verified.

If you need to know what it means in practice, this course is an essential element of your organisation's response to complying with the new WHS Act 2020.

There are over 130,000 serious injuries per year in Australia, so it's not surprising that the Government is taking a hard line in the Work Health and Safety legislation and any compliance breaches. Since the new WA legislation was passed in March 2022, there has been a dramatic increase in breach penalties.

"Penalties are regularly in the $100,000’s and one owner of a small business spent eight months in prison for a fatality in their business." - Dr Marcus Cattani - Senior Lecturer OHS, ECU

Every employer is obliged to comply with the WHS Act and it is essential that all organisations have an agreed way to prevent incidents and injuries.

An intensive five days of learning

Led by experienced WHS faculty/facilitators, this intensive course offers a variety of learning methodologies including plenary sessions, self-paced learning materials and workplace-based tasks to consolidate your learning.

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Who will benefit

Organisation Officers, Safety Managers and anyone in your organisation who is responsible for the Work Health and Safety function. If you do not have a Safety Manager, we suggest you send your Managing Director, Operations Manager or Project Manager.


  • Understand the requirements of a compliant WHS Management System
  • Learn a structure for you to develop your own WHS Management System
  • Understand your organisation's OHS Management System needs
  • Conduct a desktop audit of your organisation's existing response to the OHS Management System Standard AS/ISO45001
  • Design a WHS Policy to minimise incident and injury risk
  • Plan your organisation's response and control strategies
  • Plan the implementation of the response and verification
  • Consider the evaluation and recommendations for improvement to ensure compliance.

Learning Outcomes

In this course you will learn to:

  • Establish and implement processes to assess your WHS system
  • Manage and control potential injury in the workplace
  • Document your approach to preventing injuries using an internationally agreed structure
  • Develop your organisation's safety policy and associated processes
  • Implement safe work practices.

Recognition and Assessment Pathways

Each participant who completes the course will receive an AIM WA/ECU co-branded Professional Development Record.

And, by completing this course and some additional assessments, participants may be eligible for one unit of credit towards the ECU Graduate Certificate in OHS. Applications for credit into the Graduate Certificate in OHS can be made during the course.

Note: Additional assessment fees and course eligibility criteria apply.

Related Results

Every manager wants to develop the 'right' Work Health and Safety (WHS) culture for their business but many struggle to describe what that culture would actually look like. This course is designed to provide an introduction to the process of shaping the culture of an organisation which forms a critical part of ensuring excellent WHS performance and the ongoing viability of your business.

This course offers the essential skills and knowledge to fulfil the requirements of the WHS Act and create a safer workplace for all your workers and customers. To be recognised by WorkSafe, participants attending this course MUST be a Health and Safety Representative (HSR).

WHS incidents can range from minor non-compliance to catastrophic injury or death. It is therefore essential that organisations adopt a systematic approach to investigation of incidents and introduce measures to minimise or respond appropriately to future incidents.

An effective Work Health and Safety (WHS) system is essential in any organisation to support a safer working environment. This course will explore how to implement, maintain and monitor an effective WHS system within your workplace.

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