Health and Safety Representatives Refresher Training Course

With significant updates to the WHS legislation and changes in the ways workplaces apply this legislation, if you are a Health and Safety Representatives (HSR), you will benefit from this refresher course.


1 Day

Time (AWST)


If you have already attended the 5 day Health and Safety Representatives Training Course, you are required to attend the 1 day Refresher Training Course yearly to stay current.

In addition to reminding you of the content and intent of the latest WHS Act, you will be exposed to examples of how organisations in various industries have responded.


You must attend Health and Safety Representatives Training Course before commencing this course.

Who will benefit

This course is targeted specifically at people who have been elected as their organisations Health and Safety Representative and who have previously completed the full, five-day, Health and Safety Representatives Training Course.


  • Refresh your knowledge of the existing and the new provisions of the WHS Act
  • Understand the intent of the WHS Act and how this should translate into the workplace
  • Review the policies and procedures that must, should and could be in place
  • Implement your roles and responsibilities as a Health and Safety Representative
  • Explore examples of how other organisations implement WHS practices.
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This course will guide you through the internationally recognised structure of a Work Health and Safety Management System or Occupational Health and Safety System, and importantly what you need to do to meet legislative requirements.

For Workers.
Enhance your understanding of psychosocial hazards, the role you play in reporting them and discover effective measures to mitigate their impact.  As a worker, you may be exposed to these hazards. This course will offer strategies for how you can respond efficiently.

For Directors, Officers, Leaders and Managers.
Get clarity on your leadership responsibilities to provide a psychologically safe working environment. Given the recent changes to the WHS legislation, the onus is on leaders to ensure risks are identified and action is taken to eliminate or reduce the impact of those risks.

Get a broad understanding of the factors that impact your mental health in the workplace.  This may include external stressors, workload, relationships, diet and more.  The focus of this course is on nurturing your own mental health, while also equipping you with the tools to support others.

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