Internal and External Auditor Training

Whilst aimed at auditors, this course provides the skills for anyone to assess the way they do business, evaluate whether it is working for them, and determine ways of doing it better.


2 Days

Time (AWST)


From the essentials of “what is an audit?” through to practical operational improvements as a result of the audit, this course provides the knowledge and skills for both internal and external auditors.

This is not solely for auditors as it provides the skills for anyone to assess the way they do business, evaluate whether it is working for them, and determine better ways of doing it.


Participants must complete Internal and External Auditor Training before attending the Lead Auditor training program.

Who will benefit

People at all levels who need to assess operational practice, verify compliance and identify improvements. Especially relevant for people conducting external audits of suppliers or subcontractors and members of regulatory bodies or official authorities conducting audits or assessments for compliance or licensing requirements.


  • What is an audit?
  • Competencies for auditors
  • Risk assessment
  • Participating in audits
  • Communication skills
  • Evaluation of audit findings
  • Audit reporting.

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Initiate an audit
  • Prepare for the audit
  • Participate in an audit on-site
  • Capture pertinent information
  • Evaluate and report on the findings.
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