Leading Productive Meetings

Conducting successful meetings saves the time and frustrations of all participants. This course will develop your knowledge of a chairperson role and hone your meeting management skills.


1 Day

Time (AWST)


A good chairperson controls a meeting so that its purpose is achieved as efficiently, fairly and effectively as possible.

By honing your chairing skills, you will be better prepared to guide meetings toward their intended goals, ensuring that meetings run on time, smoothly and yield the desired results.

This course teaches you to lead a productive meeting with confidence, manage conflicts, maximise the input of the attendees and achieve valuable outcomes.

Who will benefit

Anyone who is asked to be a chairperson for an internal committee or project group. Individuals who want to know more about the meeting process will also benefit from this course.


  • Essential tasks of the chairperson
  • Duties and power of the chairperson
  • Managing meetings
  • Understanding the purpose of different types of meetings
  • Creating meaningful agendas
  • Running efficient meetings
  • Dealing with conflict.

Learning Outcomes

You will learn to:

  • Understand the key roles and responsibilities of a chairperson
  • Apply strategies for planning and organising meetings effectively
  • Chair a meeting with knowledge and confidence
  • Run shorter, more effective meetings
  • Select the most appropriate type of meeting based on the desired outcomes and objectives
  • Prioritise agenda items based on their relevance and importance
  • Apply conflict resolution techniques to address disputes and disagreements that may arise during meetings.
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