Word - Intermediate

Level - Intermediate
Well-designed documents represent and showcase your organisation and can have a great impact. This course introduces you to important design ideas and principles and shows you techniques for effective document design using text, graphics and other visual elements.


2 Days



This course introduces participants to techniques for effective document design using text, graphics and other visual elements. During this course, participants will use Microsoft Word, but the design concepts apply to documents created in any software application.


  • Paragraph formatting (spacing, tabs, indents and hanging indents, multilevel numbering)
  • Tables
  • Sort lists of information
  • Mail merge
  • Page and section formatting (breaks, columns, margins, paper orientation, headers and footers)
  • Create drawings and diagrams
  • Insert and manipulate pictures
  • Copy text or graphics from Excel and other applications.

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Use a variety of paragraph formatting techniques
  • Create and format tables
  • Use mail merge to personalise emails, letters and labels
  • Use a variety of page and section formatting techniques
  • Use headers and footers in simple and complex documents
  • Insert and manipulate graphics
  • Create diagrams with SmartArt
  • Copy information from other Word documents and programs.
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