Working and Engaging with the Media

This course will help to develop your knowledge of traditional and modern media in Australia and by doing so, leverage your media appearances for maximum impact on personal and business brands.

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AIM WA is pleased to be working with Expert Registry to offer this training course. It has been designed for individuals and groups looking to develop their knowledge of traditional and modern media in Australia, prepare themselves for dealing with the media and for leveraging their media appearances for maximum impact on their personal and business brands. The life cycle of media engagement will be covered, from understanding the media landscape, through to creating and pitching content, preparing for and executing live interviews and promoting media engagements via digital platforms.

Who Will Benefit

Professionals, business owners or individuals looking to educate, empower and inform themselves on the performance aspect of media and the media landscape and how the media cycle works. The course is suited to those who haven't done any media, those who have very limited experience in the media, or those who are looking to take their current media engagement to the next level.


  • Understand the media landscape in Australia
  • Create media ready content and pitch that content to media
  • Learn how to prepare for a live TV or radio interview
  • Leverage your media engagements across your social media and digital platforms
  • Understand how to build your personal brand
  • Define your own content and visibility strategy.
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