Becoming a Corporate Member

1. How do I join AIM WA as a Corporate Member?
Applying for Corporate Membership is very easy; simply complete the online Corporate Membership application form here.

You can also download an application, complete it and post it to us (AIM WA 76 Birkdale Street, Floreat WA 6014), or email it to

2. How much does Corporate Membership cost?
Annual subscription fees are based on your Corporate Membership level. View our current annual membership levels and fees here.

3. What are the benefits of the different membership levels?
We offer five membership levels - Corporate Gold, Corporate Silver Plus, Corporate Silver, Corporate Bronze Plus and Corporate Bronze - allowing you to choose the membership benefits and fee that best suits your organisation. Benefits available for each level can be found here.

4. How long does the Corporate Membership period run for?
Corporate Membership subscriptions are for 12 months from the date of acceptance or renewal. Organisations must be current, financial Corporate Members at the time of its participants attending any training program or other AIM WA event for applicable member rates and eligibility to apply.

5. How long will my membership application take to be processed?
Once we receive your application/renewal form we will prepare a Welcome Booklet and invoice, and email them to you as soon as possible, usually within 2 working days.


1. How do I access my Corporate Membership benefits?
When booking an Open Program you will see different rates for different membership levels. Once your Corporate Membership is active you will automatically attract the relevant rate to your booking.

The Welcome Booklet we send you on joining or renewing has a page devoted to “How to Access Your Benefits”. You can also contact the Corporate Membership team if you need help.

2. Which Open Programs can I use my free Open Program day(s) on?
Whilst most of our 160+ Open Programs are included, exceptions include our Higher Education Programs, Executive Education Programs, Residential Programs and all programs containing assessment / coaching components / proprietary program materials (e.g. Crucial Conversations and Developing an Eye for Accuracy).

We do however reserve the right to not accept or to cancel free day bookings on programs with low participant numbers. If a booked free day Open Program is cancelled by AIM WA for any reason we will provide the participant with the option to be offered a place on the next available date for the same program (without a cancellation fee) or to transfer to another Open Program of similar length and value.

3. Can the 1, 2 or 4 free Open Program training days be utilised as part of a longer period program?
If you have 1 free Open Program training day as part of your Corporate Membership, the 1 free Open Program training day can only be taken on a 1 day Program.

If you have 2 free Open Program training days as part of your Corporate Membership, the 2 free Open Program training days can only be taken as either a 1 x 2 day Program OR 2 x 1 day Programs.

If you have 4 free Open Program training days as part of your Corporate Membership, the 4 free Open Program training days can only be used on Programs up to 4 days in length, and not as part of a longer Program.

As mentioned previously this offer excludes our Higher Education Programs, Executive Education Programs, Residential Programs and all programs containing assessment / coaching components / proprietary program materials (e.g. Crucial Conversations and Developing an Eye for Accuracy).

4. If I haven’t used them, can my Corporate Membership benefits be rolled over after the expiry of my current membership period?
The benefits relevant to your Corporate Membership must be used within the 12 month period of that membership and cannot be rolled over.

5. Am I eligible to attend Personal Member Events?
Your Corporate Membership does not entitle you to attend these events at a discounted rate. Personal Member events are accessible to those who hold individual membership - Professional Members and Affiliate Members.

If you are not yet a Professional or Affiliate Member, you can apply for Professional Membership or Affiliate Membership online. 

Renewals and Fees

1. How do I pay for my Corporate Membership?
Corporate Membership subscription payments can be made online here.  You can also pay your membership via EFT to:

Australian Institute of Management Western Australia Limited
BSB: 036 054
Account: 13 1289

We accept credit card payments via Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

2. What happens if I don't renew my Corporate Membership on time?
We will send you a number of reminders before your renewal payment is due, however if you require more time to make your membership payment, please contact us to discuss your options. If your membership isn’t renewed within a limited period of time and we haven’t heard back from you, your membership will be discontinued.

3. Can I pay for my Corporate Membership monthly via instalments?
We currently do not offer payment of fees in instalments.

4. I didn't receive my invoice, how do I obtain another copy of my invoice?
Invoices are emailed out prior to the beginning of each renewal month to your designated email address. If you require another copy of your invoice, please contact the Corporate Membership team.

5. How do I update my membership address and contact details?
Please contact the Corporate Membership team so that we can update your records.

Resigning Membership

1. I would like to resign my Corporate Membership - how do I do this?
If your Corporate Membership is due for renewal and you wish to resign your membership, please contact the Corporate Membership team so that we can update your record. We would appreciate any feedback you might have; including the reason you have decided to resign your membership. 

Professional Memberships within Corporate Membership Benefits

1.  How do I use the Professional Memberships that come with my Silver/Gold Corporate Membership?
Corporate Gold and Corporate Silver members have a number of Professional Memberships included in their Benefits packages. These Professional Memberships are offered under the following terms and conditions:

  • The number of Professional Memberships included within the Corporate Membership benefits correspond to the selected Corporate Membership level. (Corporate Bronze/Bronze Plus/Silver Plus = 0; Corporate Silver = 3; Corporate Gold = 5).
  • The included Professional Memberships are valid for as long as Corporate Membership is held by the organisation.
  • The individuals nominated for Professional Membership must be new Professional Members to the Institute. They must not currently be a Professional Member, nor have ever held Professional Member status with AIM WA.
  • Corporate Members can allocate the Professional Memberships to anyone employed by the organisation within the above criteria.
  • Nominated individuals must apply for Professional Membership using the online Professional Member application and quoting the promotion code supplied in your Welcome Booklet. These applications are reviewed by the AIM WA grading committee and assessed for eligibility.
  • The Professional Memberships are non-transferrable. They are allocated to the nominated individuals on an ongoing basis and will remain in place as long as the individual remains employed by the organisation, and the organisation maintains its Corporate Membership status at an appropriate level.
  • If a nominated individual leaves the organisation, the Corporate Member must notify AIM WA and may nominate a replacement to receive the Professional Membership. The new recipient must complete the Professional Member application form for grading.
  • Should a Corporate Member resign their Membership, or reduce their level of Corporate Membership, the Professional Memberships included also lapse, or reduce in number accordingly. In the case of a Corporate Membership level reduction, the organisation must advise AIM WA which Professional Memberships are to be retained. Those individuals whose Professional Memberships are to be removed, can choose to continue their Professional Membership independently and, if so, will be invoiced for the coming 12 month subscription.
  • Corporate Members should obtain permission by staff nominated for Professional Membership, to verify details such as the individual’s role, employment status and membership status to AIM WA.
  • Blended Learning Premium Program Professional Membership extensions do not apply to Professional Members who are part of this Corporate Membership package.

N.B. For all of AIM WA’s General Terms and conditions, please view online at this page.