Becoming a Professional Member

  1. How do I join AIM WA as a Professional Member?
    Applying for Professional Membership is very easy; simply complete the online Professional Membership application form here. 

    Please provide as much information as possible on the form to assist our grading committee in determining which post-nominal status you are entitled to receive. 

    You can also submit your CV to support your application by emailing it to

  2. How much does Professional Membership cost?
    Annual subscription fees are based on your Member class. View our current annual subscription fees here.

  3. What do the different classes of membership mean?
    There are three classes of Professional Membership that reflect your management experience, qualifications and career achievements. The three classes are Member (AIMM), Associate Fellow (AFAIM) and Fellow (FAIM). For further information on each grading please see the Grading Criteria.

  4. How long will my membership application take to be processed?
    Applications take approximately two weeks to be graded and processed. Once your application form has been submitted you will receive an email confirming receipt. Your application form will then be presented to the grading committee for review and to award your post-nominal status. Once your application has been graded, you will be contacted with the outcome along with your invoice.

  5. How long does the Professional Membership period run for?
    Professional Membership subscriptions are for 12 months from the date of admission or renewal. For example, if you join in October, your membership period will run from 1 November – 31 October.


Renewals and Fees

  1. How do I pay for my Professional Membership?
    Professional Membership subscription payments can be made online here.  Payment can be made over the phone with a credit card, please call the Personal Membership Services team on 9383 8000. 

    You can also pay your membership via EFT to:
    Australian Institute of Management WA
    BSB: 036 054
    Account: 13 1289

    We accept credit card payments via Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

  2. What happens if I don't renew my Professional Membership on time?
    If you require more time to make your membership subscription payment, please contact us to discuss your options. If your membership isn’t renewed within a limited period of time and we haven’t heard back from you, your membership will be suspended.

  3. Can I pay for my Professional Membership monthly via instalments?
    We currently do not offer payment of fees in instalments. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, or need more time to make payment, please contact the Personal Membership Services team to discuss your options.

  4. Does AIM WA offer discounted subscription fees?
    We offer a discount on subscriptions for Professional Members who are regionally or internationally based, and also for full-time students and retired members. View our annual subscription fees online here.

    Please advise the Personal Membership Services team if you have recently retired, moved interstate/overseas or become a full-time student.

  5. I didn't receive my invoice, how do I obtain another copy of my invoice?
    Invoices are mailed out at the beginning of each renewal month to your designated postal address. Please check your current mailing preferences online. If you require another copy of your invoice, please contact the Personal Membership Services team.

  6. How do I obtain a tax invoice?
    A payment receipt will be sent to you by email once payment has been received. If you haven’t received your tax invoice or require a copy from a previous year, please contact our accounts team –

  7. I have retired, what are my membership options?
    We offer Professional Members who are retired a discounted annual subscription fee of $150 per year so that they can retain their post-nominals, stay connected with the Institute and continue to receive all of their benefits they previously received. If you have now retired, please contact the Personal Membership Services team so that we can amend your next invoice.

  8. How do I advance my membership class?
    As you progress throughout your management career and increase your knowledge, skills and experience, the class you received when you first applied for Professional Membership will change.

    If you are currently a Member (AIMM), or Associate Fellow (AFAIM) and you wish to advance your membership class, please view our Grading Criteria to see if you meet the requirements.

    To apply for advancement, please send your CV to to be reviewed by the grading committee.

Reinstating Membership

  1. It has been less than 12 months since my Professional Membership lapsed and I would like to reinstate my membership, how do I go about doing this?
    You can reinstate your membership within 12 months of it lapsing without having to go through the application process again, or incurring any additional subscription fees.  Please contact the Personal Membership Services team to obtain a new invoice. Upon payment, your membership will be fully reinstated as it was previously.

  2. It has been over 12 months since my Professional Membership lapsed and I would like to reinstate my membership, how do I go about doing this?
    You will need to complete a new application for Professional Membership so that we have your most recent employment details and experience. Your application will be graded and a member of the team will contact you with the outcome within two weeks and an invoice for your annual subscription.

  3. Can I suspend my membership?
    If your membership renewal is due and you would like to suspend your membership for 12 months, please let us know so that we can amend your record. Your membership will be suspended until we hear from you. When you are ready to reinstate your membership, please contact us in the Personal Membership Services team for a new invoice.

Resigning Membership

  1. I would like to resign my membership - how do I do this?
    If your Professional Membership is due for renewal and you wish to resign your membership, please contact the Personal Membership Services team so that we can update your record.  We would appreciate any feedback you might have; including the reason you have decided to resign your membership. 

    Once your membership has been resigned, you will no longer be able to use your post-nominal status or have access to member services.

  2. I recently became a member / renewed my membership but now I don't need it anymore. Can I get a refund or transfer my membership to someone else?
    Professional Membership is non-transferable, and membership fees are non-refundable.


Student Access to Professional Membership

  1. How do I apply for Student Access?
    If you are a full-time student and would like to become a Professional Member, please complete the Professional Membership Application form here. 

    Select ‘Full-Time Student’ in the employment status section and complete the details of your studies.

    Once your application form has been submitted, please send a copy of your student ID card to personalmembership@aimwa.comto be eligible to receive the discounted subscription fee. 

  2. Do I need to be studying for a management or leadership qualification to join as a Professional Member?
    No, full-time students from all subject disciplines are welcome to apply for Professional Membership.

  3. I am a Student Member, do I have access to all Professional Member benefits?
    Yes, full-time students have access to all the Professional Member benefits at a discounted rate whilst completing their studies.

  4. Do I have to be a full-time student to be eligible for Student Access?
    Yes, Student Access is only available for students completing full-time studies. Once your studies have been completed, your next annual subscription invoice will be at the full Professional Member rate.

  5. I have (or nearly have) graduated from my course. What membership is available to me?
    If you are a full-time student and have now completed your course, your next annual subscription invoice will be at the full Professional Member rate.

General Questions

  1. What is the difference between Professional, Affiliate and Corporate Membership?

    Professional Membership
     supports individuals at all levels of management and across all sectors with a broad range of development and networking opportunities including Personal Member Events, Member Mentor Program and online resources.

    Affiliate Membership
     is a complimentary introductory level membership which gives you access to attend Personal Membership events and receive our fortnightly e-newsletter.

    Corporate Membership
     offers organisations discounts on training for employees and other benefits at an organisational level.

  2. Can I mention that I am a Professional Member of AIM WA on my website / CV / business cards / LinkedIn profile?
    Yes, as an AIM WA Professional Member, you are encouraged to use your post-nominals on your business card, email signature, website and LinkedIn profile, as long as you are a financial member.

  3. How do I use my post-nominal letters and why should I use them?
    Post-nominals indicate your experience, qualifications, honors and accreditation. Professional Members are able to include their AIM WA membership grade as a post-nominal (AIMM, AFAIM or FAIM).

  4. How do I update my membership address and contact details?
    You can update your address details by logging into or contacting the Personal Membership Services team. If you have changed organisations, please contact us so that we can update your member record with your new organisation.

  5. Can I share my login details with a friend or colleague?
    Your login details are for personal use only, and should never be shared.

Blended Learning

  1. I am not currently a Professional Member and will be attending a 'Blended Learning' program, when do I receive my Professional Membership?
    Participants on our Blended Learning programs will receive 12 months of Professional Membership as part of the program.

    Participants will receive information on their program two weeks prior to commencing the program, including how to complete the Professional Membership application. 

    Once your application form has been submitted you will receive an email confirming receipt. The Professional Membership will be activated at the conclusion of the program.

  2. Can I receive the Professional Member discount on a 'Blended Learning' program if I'm not already a Professional Member?
    If you are not already a Professional Member or a Corporate Member, the discounted fee for the program will not apply for the program registration. The Professional Membership, which is part of the program, will be activated at the conclusion of the program. You will receive the Professional Member discounts for further registrations made after the conclusion of your program.

  3. I am currently a Professional Member and will be attending a 'Blended Learning' program, what happens to my current membership?
    If you are already a Professional Member and attend a ‘Blended Learning’ program, you will receive an extension on your current Professional Membership. A member of the Personal Membership Services team will be in contact with you at the conclusion of the program regarding the length of your extension.


  1. How do I access the AIM WA Member Mentor Program?
    Professional Members have access to the AIM WA Member Mentor Program. Please log-in and view the AIM WA Mentor Program page in the Professional Members area for upcoming program dates and application process.

  2. How do I access the Qantas Frequent Flyer discount?
    Professional Members receive a discount on new and existing Qantas Club memberships. Please call the Personal Membership Services team on 9383 8000 for the Corporate ID number.

  3. How many copes of Leader do I receive as a Professional Member?
    It's a quarterly magazine - 4 copies per year.

  4. How do I access the AIM WA Member Rewards platform?
    Professional Members have access hundreds of discounts via the AIM WA Member Rewards platform.

    New Professional Members will receive an email from AIM WA Member Rewards approximately two weeks of their membership being activated with their login details.

    If you have not received your email or experience any issues logging in, please contact the Personal Membership Services team.

Personal Member Events

    1. Am I eligible to attend Personal Member Events?
      Personal Member events are accessible to those who hold individual membership - Professional Members and Affiliate Members. 

      If you are not yet a Professional or Affiliate Member, you can apply for Professional Membership or Affiliate Membership online. 

      The 'Your Best Self Series' event is open to Non-Members.

    2. How do I register?
      Professional Members and Affiliate Members are able to register for events online or by contacting Client Services on 9383 8000.

    3. How do I know I'm registered?
      You will receive a confirmation email within one business day for all online registrations. We also send a reminder email to all registered attendees a week prior to the event date.

    4. Can someone else use my membership to book at Professional Member rate?
      No, Professional Member rates are for the Professional Member only and the discounted fee cannot be transferred to non-members.

    5. Can I bring a guest to a Personal Member Event?
      As a Professional Member or Affiliate Member, you are welcome to register up to 3 non-member guests to a Personal Member event that is open to guests, as long as you are also attending the event. 

      You can register your guests online or by contacting Client Services on 9383 8000. 

      If the event is ‘Exclusively for Professional Members’ we are unable to accept non-member guest bookings.

    6. If the event is sold out, can I turn up on the day in case there's a place?
      If the event is sold out, a waitlist will be generated on a first come first served basis. If you have been registered on the waitlist and a place becomes available, you will be contacted before the event.
    7. If I register for an event but am unable to attend, can I receive a refund?
      If you are no longer able to attend the event, please contact us as soon as possible. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for the cancellation and refund periods.
    8. If an event is cancelled, am I entitled to a refund?
      If an event is cancelled, we will offer a full refund. If the event is re-scheduled, we will offer to transfer your booking to the new date or a refund.
    9. Will presentation notes be made available after the event?
      Speakers often make their presentation, speaker notes or handouts available to Professional Members. Please login to the Professional Members Area to view our Event Resources.