Effective Email Communication

Email has become the communication method of choice to send short sharp messages. However, this does not guarantee it will be used effectively or efficiently. During this course you will learn how to improve your communication.


Half Day



The increasing use of email in organisational life has not guaranteed its effectiveness as a means of communication. This course provides you with tips and tricks to be more efficient, effective and professional when communicating via email.

Who Will Benefit

Anyone who is required to manage high volumes of email and communicate electronically. The content is applicable for people from all levels.


  • Using the common timesaving features of email systems
  • Prioritising and managing email messages
  • Structuring messages for maximum impact
  • Writing clear subject lines
  • Using appropriate greetings and sign-offs
  • Writing style, grammar and language.

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Write clear and effective email messages
  • Manage the flow of email messages
  • Use appropriate language to suit the audience and topic.
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