Confidence on Camera

This course is designed to help you bust your fears around being on camera. You’ll learn how to live and breathe your brand message, deliver content in a natural way and engage with new audiences through video.

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1 Day



It doesn’t matter if you are speaking to a media outlet, producing an in-house video or posting a short, sharp message from your phone, you’ll receive expert tips so you can say goodbye to awkward, unprofessional moments on camera.

Who Will Benefit

This course is ideal for anyone wanting to share video content in an interesting and engaging way.  If you’re experienced in front of the camera, you’ll build confidence and finetune your skills.  If you’re a novice, you’ll receive a rich collection of practical advice, ideas and motivation to succeed.


  • Work through a quick start guide to get started on camera today
  • Learn how to make use of the best lighting and camera lens angles
  • Plan your content so you always have something to say
  • Scripting with one key message in mind
  • Lose your connection to perfection
  • Lots of practice, live to camera followed by expert feedback
  • Bring your messages to life.

Your Expert Facilitator – Carmen Braidwood

With a wealth of media expertise and experience in both radio and television, Carmen will guide you towards the gems of presenting in front of the camera successfully and away from the common mistakes made by those who are not media trained. She is also warm, generous, honest and committed to help you realise your full potential.

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