Steps for a task based RPL assessment

Decide whether your competence matches the requirements - we can help confirm that this is the right pathway for you, firstly by having you complete the Self-assessment Questionnaire in the Enrolment Kit located under the relevant qualification.

Complete the Enrolment Kit forms;

  1. Enrolment Form
  2. Self-Assessment Questionnaire (including managers initials against each unit)
  3. Direct Managers Sign off
  4. LLN Questionnaire
  5. Credit Transfer (CT) Application if applicable

Following the receipt and acceptance of your enrolment you will be invoiced for the assessment fee relevant to your qualification and given Login details to the AIM WA Assessment Portal where you will have access to your assessment documents.

Follow all assessment task requirements and collect your evidence. Once satisfied, upload your assessments into the AIM WA Assessment Portal. This will then go straight to your relevant assessor.

The assessor conducts their assessment of your evidence, and notifies you if any further evidence is required.

The assessor finalises their assessment decision.

When the evidence meets the Unit of Competency requirements and the Rules of Evidence, AIM WA will issue the appropriate Qualification.

The length of time for this process will depend almost entirely on how much evidence you have and the time taken to collect all of the relevant evidence.

Credit Transfer: If you already hold any units of competency with another training organisation, you can apply for Credit Transfer (CT). You will need to provide a copy of your Statement of Attainment, Record of Results or access to view your transcript via your Student Portal through the USI Organisation Portal (where you set up your USI) before any relevant competencies are recognised. Credit Transfer of a large number of units may attract an Administration Fee.