With hundreds of programs and choices of dates to choose from, the suite of Open Management and Leadership programs lets you plan your development in areas and at times to suit your particular needs.

During our open programs attendees have the opportunity to interact with other people from different organisations and industries. These diverse perspectives allow you to explore innovative approaches to solving common issues. The freedom of Open Programs means you can learn, develop and interact without the distractions of your everyday workplace. And you can also speak your mind, raise issues and challenges without having to consider others from your organisation.

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  Current and Emerging

    Frontline Leaders and


    New and Experienced

    Office Managers and

   Sales and Marketing

 2017 Emerging Leaders Guide   
 2017 Frontline Leader   
 2017 Technical Professional   
 2017 Experienced Managers   
 2017 Office Manager    Sales Professional PD Map Guide

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